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Tips for talking to your parents about their estate plan

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Estate Planning |

People from all over the country move to Florida to retire and relax. If your parents are part of this group, you likely hope they enjoy themselves and take it easy. The last thing you want to do is create stress or put them in an uncomfortable position. Thus, it can be easy to put off talking about their estate plan.

However, now can be an excellent time to discuss this with your parents. Doing so can give you peace of mind and help them feel confident that they have the proper plans in place, so consider the following tips for making this conversation easier.

The right place; the right time

An estate plan can be a very sensitive, personal topic. You don’t want to spring it on your parent or make them feel trapped into having a conversation that makes them uncomfortable. 

To make this topic easier, be selective when and where you decide to talk about it. You might give your parents some warning about what you want to discuss. Consider discussing things at their home or yours and give yourselves adequate time to have a meaningful conversation.

Being honest and compassionate

Your parents have the right to create a plan that fits their needs, but you can be affected by their decisions. Because of this, parents can feel like you are judging them or that you are only interested in what you stand to gain, which can make them feel defensive.

To avoid this, approach the situation with compassion and honesty. Let your parent know that you don’t need them to share all the details, but you want to be sure they have a plan and you know what to expect.

Leaving space for questions

A discussion about estate plans and end-of-life care plans can raise questions for both you and your parents. Are you comfortable making decisions on behalf of your parent? Does your parent have all the pertinent documents in place?

Therefore, make space for questions during and after your conversation. If your parent has concerns or needs help, let them know they can come to you. And if you have any questions, ask them. Failing to do so could leave loose ends and unresolved issues.

Having this discussion with your parents is critical; consider these suggestions to ensure the conversation is productive.