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What are the responsibilities of a personal representative?

Serving as a personal representative can be an honor and a big responsibility. If your loved one had a will, he or she may have specifically chosen you to manage his or her final affairs. If your loved one did not have a valid will, a court may have appointed you to manage your loved one’s final affairs.

In general, a personal representative is responsible for guiding the decedent’s estate through probate. Probate is the legal process of collecting your loved one’s assets, paying his or her debts and distributing the rest appropriately.

Considerations when choosing an agent for your power of attorney

A power of attorney gives authorization to someone of your choosing to represent you if you are incapable of making decisions for yourself. As we get older, we may succumb to conditions that limit our ability to determine what is in our best interest.

What you need to know about Medicare

Medicare is a government health insurance program. You become eligible for Medicare as soon as you turn 65-years-old. Figuring out which Medicare parts to apply for may be daunting. There are Part A, Part B, Part D, Medigap and Medicare Advantage plan options. Each plan covers different care expenses.

Who qualifies for Medicare?

Three things to consider before drafting a will

When people think about estate planning, they typically think of a last will and testament. Although estate plans can include several other important documents, a will is often a good document to start with. However, there are three things you may want to consider before you begin drafting your will.

Who gets what?

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