Medicaid Planning

Americans are living longer than ever before. And while you may not want to think about it right now, the reality is that many elderly people eventually require long-term care.

In fact, nearly one in two women and one in four men find themselves in nursing homes at some point in their lives. The cost of nursing home care already averages between five and eight thousand dollars per month and continues to climb ever higher. Worse, Medicare will not pay for it, which explains, in part, why two out of three families run out of money within the first year of a prolonged nursing home stay.

Fortunately, at Allender & Allender, we can help you qualify for assistance from Medicaid, without “spending down” all your income or giving up most if not all of your assets. An important fact to remember is this: Medicaid laws are continuously changing, and the further you plan ahead, the more options you will have.

However, even if you or a loved one is already in a nursing home, we can use a number of legal provisions to help you get the Medicaid benefits you may be entitled to.